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Organization of Public Awareness Program on Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charges on Movable Property in Mazar Sharif province

Since Public Credit Registry (PCR) and Registry of Securing Charges on Movable Property (CR) are implemented for the first time in Afghanistan and related stakeholders’ have limited knowledge of the systems, it requires a continuous publicity to inform stakeholders about the benefits, features, and utilization of PCR and CR and to better implement the systems in order to increase access to finance. Though PCR department lacks financial support for the time being, but to maintain the development activities, DAB funded PCR public awareness workshop in Mazar Sharif.

Public Credit Registry Department (PCR) organized a full day workshop on public awareness of PCR registries in Da Afghanistan Bank regional office­­­­­ ̶ Mazar Sharif. The workshop was attended by the employees of Microfinance Institutions, Representatives of Commerce and Industries, and Chamber of Commerce, Craftsmen, Merchants, and Employees of Da Afghanistan Bank in Balkh Province.

The purpose of workshop was to improve the awareness of relevant organizations on how to benefit from the mentioned systems and how this Regime can facilitate access to finance in Afghanistan.

The program started with the opening remarks of Mr. Ata Khan Ortaq, Regional Director of northern zone of Da Afghanistan Bank, stating the efforts of DAB towards the modernization of the banking system in Afghanistan and establishment of Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charges on Movable Property. He said “the systems will certainly ease access to finance in Mazar Sharif”. In addition, Mr. Sepahi Zada, Director of Commerce and Industries of Mazar Sharif, appreciated the development activities of Da Afghanistan Bank and mentioned the importance of industries on economic growth in the country. Later on, Mr. Abdul Nasser Sahak, Deputy Director of Public Credit Registry department, started the workshop by explaining the vital importance of both systems for economic development and facilitating access to finance in the country. The workshop was practically continued by Mr. Mohammad Temor, and Mr. Mohammad Afzal. At the end, the Regional Director of DAB appreciated from the participation of related organizations and admired employees of PCR and northern zone of DAB for facilitating the event.

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