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 Organization of Public Awareness Workshop on Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charge on Movable Property in Eastern Zone

Based on the Public Awareness Programs agreement signed with Harakat, Public Credit Registry Department of Da Afghanistan Bank organized a full day public awareness workshop for relevant organs in Eastern Zone on 25-06-2014. The purpose of workshop was to improve the awareness of relevant organs regarding Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charge on Moveable Property and how this system can facilitate access to finance in eastern zone.

H.E. Second Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank Alhaj Mohammad Essa Turab, during his opening remarks indicated that Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charges have vital importance for country’s economy and facilitate means of finance. He added that Nangarhar is one of frontier provinces of the country; all relevant organs should know the existence of the system and how this regime contributes towards our economy. He also thanked World Bank, IFC and Harakat for their support. Later on, Mr. Mohammad Haroon Wafa from HARAKAT explained the continuous efforts of its organization in way to overcome challenges and enable SMEs to have access to finance. He also appreciated the cooperation of relevant bodies. Afterward, Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai, General Director of Public Credit Registry, explained the importance of both registries for participant in details. Also,PCR technical staff presented online demo of both systems.

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