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Organization of Functional Workshop on “Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charges on Movable Property” for Chief Internal Auditors of Commercial Banks

On May 20, 2014, Public Credit Registry Department of Da Afghanistan Bank organized a full day functional workshop for Chief Internal Auditors of Commercial Banks and their Deputies in Intercontinental Hotel. The workshop started with the opening remarks of H.E. Noorullah Delawari Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, indicating the vital importance of Public Credit Registry and Registry of Securing Charges on Movable Property for Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions. (The registration of Securing Charge establishes priority right among charge‑holders’’, facilitate lenders, enables small and medium enterprises to expand their business and increases access to finance) said Noorullah Delawari. He added that although our Financial Supervision Department ensures the Credit Information sharing, appropriate use of PCR Registries, implementation of related legal framework; it is also the responsibility of the internal Auditors of Commercial Banks to make sure that system is used properly, consumer rights are protected, secrecy is strictly maintained and relevant regulatory framework is practically observed.

During the workshop, Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai, General Director of Public Credit Registry, insisted on data quality of Credit Information and Notices of Securing Charges. He said that data quality enjoys a vital importance from legal and functional prospective, and it is the duty of commercial banks to meet the required data standards in order to discharge their legal responsibility. He further stated that according to Article 26 of Banking Law, it is one of the duties of audit committee to establish appropriate and effective procedure for risk management and supervise the compliance with regulations; therefore, it is one of the responsibilities of audit committee to formulate proper procedure for the assurance of implementation of PCR relevant law and regulations, and specifically monitor the concern departments in their respective banks.

Sadaf Dashti, senior project manager of Harakat organization also highlighted that the continuous efforts of Public Credit Registry Department in facilitating access to finance are quite remarkable and Harakat will continue its financial support to PCR Department in the organization of practical training and public awareness programs in Kabul and provinces.

At the end, H.E. Governor of DAB thanked Harakat for its financial support and appreciated the efforts of PCR department.

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