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Kabul, December 16, 2013 – Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) announced the launch of the Public Credit Registry for the first time in Afghanistan.

The project strengthens the supervisory role and capability of DAB to secure lenders from fraudulent transactions. It supports banks and Microfinance Institutions to extend loan opportunities, and enable them to better manage credit risk by sharing credit information through the integrated and easily accessible electronic system.

Mr. Khan Afzal Hadawal, First Deputy Governor of DAB has outlined the main benefits of PCR as follow:

- Increasing access to finance

- Improving quality by a unified approach

- Better Risk Management

- Saving costs by automation of process

He has also mentioned that banks must use the new system for further loan processing. They should share their loan portfolio with the PCR office; if any violation occurs regulatory penalties will apply in order to ensure the secrecy and quality of data. Mr. Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai Director General of PCR further explained the usage and benefits of PCR and listed the users of the system as follow.

  1. Banking Institutions
  2. Micro Finance Institutions
  3. Financial Supervision Department of DAB
  4. PCR Operators
  5. Leasing Companies and other relevant institutions

The following main features of the system have been listed by Mr. Yosufzai as well.

  1. Electronic registry – uses best practices
  2. Accessible via secure connection 24/7
  3. Automated acceptance or rejection
  4. Reliable, fully automated search process
  5. No unnecessary formalities
  6. Automated billing statistics
  7. Disaster Recovery Site
  8. Delivery of 17 Servers

Public Credit Registry is an initiative of DAB that facilitates and modernizes the lending system for the first time in Afghanistan.

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