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Dr. Sadat’s Message

Director General of Public Credit Registry (PCR)

Central Bank of Afghanistan (DAB)

Public Credit Registry Department (PCR) is established in the organizational structure of Da Afghanistan Bank in 2008, to collect the credit information from commercial banks and financial institutions, provide a value added services, process and analyze the information, issue certified reports, develop scores based on international best practices and maintain the collateral records. PCR department is governed by Secured Transaction Law 2009, Credit Reporting Regulation 2010, and Registration of Secured charges Regulation 2010. Soon after the creation of Immovable Collateral Registry, the Mortgage law and Regulation will also be applicable to this very department. The distinguishing feature of PCR department is the maintenance of two major registries for the development of financial sector which are as follows:

Public Credit Registry (PCR)

Collateral Registry (CR)

Public Credit Registry

On Feb 18, 2013, DAB signed a contract with Credit Info for the development of Credit Registry software and hardware and on Dec 16, 2013, DAB announced the launch of Public Credit Registry for the first time in Afghanistan. The system strengthens the supervisory role and capability of DAB to secure lenders from fraudulent transactions. It is now ready to maintain the list of defaulted borrowers, referred to as blacklist. These services can minimize the default risks for banks and financial institutions in sanctioning and disbursing loans to borrowers and making the financial system more efficient and reliable.

Collateral Registry

Collateral Registry of Afghanistan is also supported by International Finance Corporation, International Development Association, and Harakat. On Feb 19, 2013, Da Afghanistan Bank launched a web-based secured lending registry for Movable Assets.  The purpose of the system is to register Notices of Securing Charges on movable assets as collateral for loans or other financing, and Notices of Lien in all types of movable assets.  The objectives of the law are to secure debt and create contracts using Movable Property, pave the way for accessibility to negotiable banking credits by securing movable property, provide mutual trust between parties involved in a banking transaction, have expansion of commerce, encouragement of investment, and upgrading national economy.

The Department is governed by the following legal framework:

Law on Secured Charges on Movable Property in Banking Transactions

Negotiable Law

Regulation On Registration of Secured Charges

Credit Reporting Regulation

The implementation of these two systems will:

Increase access to finance

Enable borrowers to offer their movable assets as collateral and allow lenders to advance loans

Transfer collaterals from physical to reputational

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