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On Apr 09, 2017, Public Credit Registry (PCR) department of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) conducted a meeting with PCR users from commercial banks at PCR conference room. The meeting started with the opening remarks of Dr. Said Azizullah Sadat, Director General of PCR department, indicating the vital importance of Public Credit Registry on enhancing access to financial resources and loan facilities in Afghanistan. The purpose of meeting was to introduce PCR’s new Director General (Dr. Sadat) to PCR users and discuss with commercial banks about usage and functionality of PCR system.

Dr. Sadat mentioned that commercial banks are the main users of PCR system and they play a vital role in order to maintain their data quality. Afterwards, discussion with commercial bank users started and different questions and concerns referred to PCR system were addressed by PCR team. PCR users insisted on regular meetings with the department to extend group discussions and further report their suggestions and problems.  Though PCR team is always open to provide trainings for PCR users anytime based on their request, but the department will continue conducting such meetings on a regular basis, said Dr. Sadat. 

At the end, Dr. Sadat, Director General of PCR, concluded the meeting by highlighting the important points discussed and ensured that PCR department is committed to provide any assistance and support to PCR users in respect to effectively and efficiently use PCR system.

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